Tuesday, October 03, 2000

ok okay i know i know. i moved back to diaryland. ok i wont move anymore i promise. i have more updated entries there. do u notcie today is my b-day. send all bday cards to royal34@hotmail.com so back to diaryland(http://webcandi.diaryland.com

Friday, September 22, 2000

ahh. u guyz. i sprained my ankle yesterday at practice. so i didnt go to school today.it hurts. so im going to be 13 soon. yea yea yea. october 3. its a tuesday so mark your calenders. im going to be a teenager. yea yea. if you wanna tell me something get to da posting
So do you guyz remember about that guy T-Swift i told you about. so he hasent been online for a while because his cpu u got fucked up. so i havent talked to him. so i go to check my voice messages i havent checked them since like august 15. and i had 3 messages from him on it. he was like ma here's my number call me and stuff like that. damn he is really feeling me.

Tuesday, September 19, 2000

You guyz. Guess were I am writting yallz from. School. Its very stupid for me to write you from here i know but it aint like there is anyone good in my class anywayz. So did yallz notcie i am now enigma as my headline not mindgames anymore. Because thats what i am an enigma. You cant describe me. So guess who i just saw in the hallway. I saw Kenny.And surprise surprise he didnt say nothing to me. and i know he saw me cause he looked dead at me. Yo next time i see him prob next period i will look dead at him and then smile and see what he does. I will writee back later and tell you what happens. Cause da bell for lunch is about to ring.

Sunday, September 17, 2000

So as you all can see im not ondiaryland I dont know why i got off it. I guess i just got bored with it. So i am now using blogger. Which is pretty cool, I must say. Do you guyz notice how i have all the hyperlinks when im talking now. Thats the thing i luv about blogger its so easy to put them in.
So people did i tell yallz. My birthday is comming up. The big 1 3. Can you believe it i will be a teenager i bet yallz didnt think i wasent one. I fooled you didnt I. So everyone mark your callenders. Its october 3. A tuesday. I expect to be recieving lots of onlinee birthday cards from yallz.You can just send them to me at corals87@aol.com
So nothing is really new with my life kenny is still an asshole. Tomorrow is school. So im going to have to deal with him face to face. Now get this my brother is like that his friend Terrell came up to him and was like how would you feel if i became your brother-in-law. Now when i go to school i just got to figure out who terell is.